Enjoy a SLO Weekend…San Luis Obispo Greek Festival

We love a good festival and are excited to attend the San Luis Obispo Greek Festival this weekend in Downtown SLO! I’m not going to lie, I’ve been obsessed with Greece since I did a report on the beautiful country in 6th grade. We love the food, I’m so into the culture and it’s people, and they always throw a great party. Some of my best friends growing up were Greek and their parties were so joyous and they really made you feel at home.

The location of the festival couldn’t be better, right in Mission Plaza. So, after church this Sunday all my husband and I have to do is walk out of the doors and down a few steps! I can’t wait to stuff myself silly with baklava & galaktobouriko and join in a dance or two. Come out and join us!

Visit them on FACEBOOK or check out their WEBSITE.


•Homemade Greek food and pastries
•Beer and local wines
•Authentic Greek music
•Performances by Greek dance groups
•Raffle Prizes
•Greek costume fashion show
•Community Booth
•Shopping at our vendors’ booths

Enjoy a SLO Weekend…30th Annual Strawberry Festival

I cannot explain in words how excited I am about this weekend. I grew up coming up the coast to the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival every year and looked forward to spending the weekend with family and devouring all things strawberry. My grandparents, mom, aunt, uncle, cousins, and I would all spend the weekend eating strawberry shortcake, playing games, and enjoying the live music. As I got older, we didn’t come up the coast annually and eventually, not at all. Everyone has said that the festival isn’t like it used to be, bustling and large, but I don’t care. My husband can tell you that I talk about it all the time and in all the years we’ve been together we were never able to make it up as we planned.

Please come out and support this great event. I would love for it to return to its grandeur. I can promise you that you’ll have an amazing time and you’ll eat some heavenly treats! The village is beautiful and the weather will be absolutely perfect. Hope to see you there!

see & do…Charles Paddock Zoo

paddock zoo


The Charles Paddock Zoo is quaint but also allows you to get pretty close to the animals. We went on a Saturday and it was quiet, which made for a really nice visit. Admission is extremely reasonable at $5/adults, $4/kids 3-11, FREE/kids 2 and under. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, young and old. Visiting the zoo will only take you an hour but grab a seat and take your time. Bring a camera because this zoo is perfect for photography hobbyists and professionals alike. The zoo is connected to a great park for running, playing, and picnicking and they even have the, quintessentially SLO, “Santa Maria” grills. Getting here is only 20 minutes from San Luis Obispo center.

Our favorite animal at the zoo was the ADORABLE Red Panda. They have two of these long-tailed cuties. I could watch them sleep all day long, and we did for about an hour on a bench across from their pen! Enjoy your visit and let us know what you think!

tiger paddock zoo 2You can get so close to this Himalayan Tiger…about 3 feet!

red panda paddock zoo 2Our favorite- Red Panda!

meerkat paddock zoo

paddock zoo 1

paddock zoo 2

paddock zoo 5

flamingo paddock zoo

emu paddock zoo 1

bear carving paddock zoo 1

paddock zoo 3

Enjoy a SLO Weekend…Morro Bay Kite Festival

We are so excited to enjoy the Morro Bay Kite Festival. This free event brings out everyone, young and adult, from all over the world. Bring a kite to fly or chairs and a picnic to watch and relax. You can come tomorrow or Sunday from 11-4.  500 kites are provided for the kids by Central Coast Funds for Children! We hope to see you there. Remember to share your photos with us! More info here.

Enjoy a SLO Weekend…Cal Poly Open House

California Polytechnic University, aka Cal Poly, is the largest college/university in the area and is what brings most tourists to our area. The campus is beautiful and lively, especially this weekend. Come out today, Saturday, to enjoy a whole day of all things Cal Poly. This day is open to everyone and begins at 10 am with tours and ends at 8 pm with the Rodeo! For more information you can visit their schedule. We’ll be there and hope to meet some of you! Please take photos and share them with us.