SLOing Down


The weeks leading up to our move from the South Bay (southern beach cities in Los Angeles) to SLO were riddled with fear about leaving the fast-paced life we were accustomed to and loved. In comparison to the rest of L.A. we were the slow ones by living in the South Bay ! So, moving to San Luis would be a major lifestyle change for any Angeleno transplant.

We were right in our assumptions; that the pace is different and completely SLO but lacked the W. Everyone is super active and who wouldn’t enjoy the outdoors to the extreme with this beautiful countryside and an abundant oceanfront playground?! Back home, everyone enjoyed a work hard and play hard mentality. Sometimes…most of the time…it was a work the hardest and no play reality. Here in SLO, you work to provide but play to live your fullest life.

My husband and I are embracing the SLO life by becoming more mindful of what is important and enjoying our surroundings. Living in SLO really affords you the ability to prioritize and become fulfilled with LIFE. Take the ¬†photo above as an example- it is of our evening yesterday. We grabbed our painting supplies and headed to a peaceful spot. The breeze had picked up and we decided just to watch the surfers and the sunset. I was caught in a moment of true happiness when I looked out and my mind was clear, a moment I have on a, nearly, daily basis now. Those moments were rare and too far between in the South Bay. Don’t get me wrong, L.A. is where my heart is but SLO is where my spirit is soaring!