local eats… Succulent Cafe

succulent cafeSucculent Cafe

1555 Mission Drive

Solvang, CA

Okay, okay, this restaurant isn’t in San Luis Obispo County but it’s just a hop skip and a jump away in Northern Santa Barbara County (which we get lumped in with anyway). When you’re visiting the quaint dutch town of Solvang, you’ll want to enjoy lunch at the Succulent Cafe! This was on our “To Try” list and we’re glad we did. Unfortunately, they aren’t equipped for an influx of customers so we waited about an hour for our food. A wait that long would have really made me pissed and I would have cancelled the order and asked for our money back. However, our day in Solvang was planned to be leisurely and I took the wait in stride. Don’t get me wrong, this was quite difficult for me but I was spending much needed quality time with the husband so I survived.

I ordered the buttermilk fried chicken salad and the portion was quite large. This salad could easily have been shared and I did share, a couple bites. Each time I took a bit, a special little goodie surprised me; cranberries, pine nuts, corn fritters, and great fried chicken breast. I crave this salad a lot! The husband ordered the meatloaf on cornbread and it wasn’t as exciting. The girl we ordered with at the register said it was the best meatloaf she ever had and other employees agreed. Well, they haven’t ever had my meatloaf or the meatloaf sandwich at wichcraft! After waiting an hour, the meatloaf was finished but the husband preferred my salad.

We would both suggest eating here for lunch to save on the dinner prices. This place isn’t cheap, by any means, but if you’re not looking for mediocre swedish meatballs or pancakes, this is the place for you!