local eats… The Rib Line


Rib Line

228 West Grand Ave

Grover Beach CA 93433

(805) 474-0123

Wow. Really, wow! We were told by a couple locals, that say that they like bbq, to not go here because “It’s too expensive and isn’t that great.” So, we were hesitant to try it but after a few of their suggestions were flops, we thought we’d give it a shot. Boy, were they wrong. The first time we tried them out, we didn’t have a menu and when we called we had to ask for, basically, an oral run through of their offerings. The girl that helped us was really nice but they laughed at us when we asked if we could have it delivered. We figured that they closed in 30 minutes and they are about a quarter mile from our house so they should be able to accommodate a delivery. Not that time, I guess.

Our craving was getting ridiculous and we had to get back. This time, we opted to dine in. The crowd was a mish mash of locals, bros, fresnoids, and bakos. The meal was incredible. I had the tri tip sandwich and baked beans. The tri tip was cooked perfectly, as tender as can be with flavor to spare. I like it SLO style and that means bbq sauce not salsa. The bbq sauce was well balanced and I, easily, could have spread that sauce on a box and would be happy. Now, the beans. Holy bananas. I mean, c’mon. The baked beans are “slap yo mama” good; sweet, smoky, and the beans aren’t overcooked and mushy. My husband had the beef ribs and the fact that his eyes rolled so far back in his head, I knew they were good and he said they were out of this world. He had pasta salad and potato salad, both of which were just okay.

We asked the server what the specials were, before the meal, and he told us about the mac n cheese of the day. It was something with bleu cheese, which I love, and I asked if I could get some as a side. He told me that the cooks could make it happen. I asked him how much the side would be and he said their sides are $4.95. Well, after he dropped off our entrees he came back with a plate full of the mac n cheese. When I asked if that was a “side” he said yes and told me it was $9.95. What?! I told him that I wouldn’t pay 10 bucks for a side and asked him to take it away. He then asked me “So, you want me to take it off your bill?” Ummmm, yup. I do. Our server proved to be, well, the dullest tool in the tool shed. He was a nice kid and you could tell he wanted to provide quality service and he thought that he was but he, obviously, fell short. When we were checking out we asked him how far and how late they delivered. He said that it just depended on what everyone felt like that day. Seems about right.

All in all, this place is immensely delicious. Like, drool-the-whole-way-there delicious. Our friends from out of state ate here when they came for our wedding and they crave it all the time. Lucky for us, we can feed the craving whenever we want. By the way- they are totally not as expensive as other famous SLO bbq joints. They have affordable meals for 2 or families and offer salads as well.


  • Bang for your buck proportions
  • Options for food


  • Parking can be hard to find when they’re busy because they’re in a plaza and share the parking with residents
  • Delivery isn’t always available
  • Service can leave you wanting more

Enjoy a SLO Weekend…30th Annual Strawberry Festival

I cannot explain in words how excited I am about this weekend. I grew up coming up the coast to the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival every year and looked forward to spending the weekend with family and devouring all things strawberry. My grandparents, mom, aunt, uncle, cousins, and I would all spend the weekend eating strawberry shortcake, playing games, and enjoying the live music. As I got older, we didn’t come up the coast annually and eventually, not at all. Everyone has said that the festival isn’t like it used to be, bustling and large, but I don’t care. My husband can tell you that I talk about it all the time and in all the years we’ve been together we were never able to make it up as we planned.

Please come out and support this great event. I would love for it to return to its grandeur. I can promise you that you’ll have an amazing time and you’ll eat some heavenly treats! The village is beautiful and the weather will be absolutely perfect. Hope to see you there!

local eats…Kreuzberg CA

kreuzbergKreuzberg CA- Restaurant and Coffee House

685 Higuera Street

San Luis Obispo CA 93401

(805) 439-2060

All my hipster friends in LA knew about this place, how come I didn’t? I’m guessing it is because I don’t pay attention when I am in Downtown SLO, a place I grew up walking around and have been to thousands of times as a visitor, and I always go with the intention of hitting up a certain spot. So, after church this past Sunday we finally did it. We popped our Kreuzberg cherry! Wahoozers!

It was odd to walk to the place because all of these years I knew it as a bad chinese restaurant. I could never fathom why that restaurant was still around but now it is home to a pretty cool spot. When you walk in you’re welcomed by a pastry display and a smiling face. To be honest, you’ll also be smacked by a feeling that you may not be hip enough to fit in. Don’t worry, you are! There is a large mural to the left and behind the bustling barista station, a large installation of pop art on vinyl is secured to the wall. Lamps hang upside down, tables and chairs don’t match, and college kids study on their own taking up whole tables. There are huge couches to chill on and Kreuzberg merch to purchase but all I care about is grabbing a sensational cup of joe.

My husband ordered a tuxedo mocha and breakfast burrito and I got the mexican mocha and brekkydilla (breakfast quesadilla). We grabbed a table inside when all of the outdoor seating was occupied and checked out the scene. This place reminded us of home. It was quintessential Silver Lake in Downtown San Luis Obispo, even the customers were what you would find in the hipster haunts. We both liked our breakfast choices but my brekkydilla was a bit larger than the breakfast burrito and only 50¢ more (it was one of the daily specials). Our coffees were perfect; not burnt or bitter (like Staryucks), a beautiful almond milk foam (that most places can’t master), and just the right amount of sweetness. But, to be honest, the cinnamon from my mexican mocha sat right at the top of my coffee and below the foam and when I sipped, it all flowed into my mouth in a huge clump- yuck!

We really enjoyed ourselves and were glad we came when we did. By the time we left, the line was, literally, out the door. If you’re looking for coffee with a scene, this is the only place in SLO you’ll find it.


  • Setting and Ambience
  • Drink options
  • Coffee prices
  • Outdoor patio seating


  • Hard to find parking on the street with meters- park in a lot a couple blocks away
  • Students taking up tables to themselves
  • Tables hard to get when they’re super busy

James’ SLO Life…Everywhere a Cluck Cluck


When my wife and I started our house search she made one thing clear, she wanted to be able to raise chickens.  So, after almost a year of searching, we found a house with a yard big enough to allow us to raise our own flock. Coming from the mean streets of the South Bay, I had no clue how to even begin that endeavor. To the internet! After searching through dozens of designs I decided to combine a lot of the different ideas for constructing what will be our chickens’ shelter from predators and roosting spot for laying eggs. I chose a basic A frame design for both cost and durability. Now really they can and will roost in anything that provides good enough shelter. A friend of mine has a couple that took over an old doll house.

Now came the chickens. We went over to Farm Supply in Paso and picked up a couple of Buff Orpingtons and brought them home.  I didn’t realize that when that young, they need to be put in an enclosed space like a bath tub for about 2-3 months.  So I gave up my bathroom to these fluffy yellow squeakers we named Hen Solo and Chewpecka, in hopes that one day the repay my kindness.  Well right after we got these 2, a friend of mine at work worked out a deal with my wife and I ended up with 2 Turkens added to my first experience raising chickens ever. Newly Christened Bellachix Freerange and Princess Laya Organic, they move into the brand new coop and start laying immediately, while the 2 Buffs are content with their tub for the time being.

This is where the learning really starts to happen. First issue…POOP.  So much poop everywhere. You think with a kid I would be used to this but let me tell you, everywhere you step, POOP. Constant cleaning is necessary for healthy chickens. Also, keep them out of your garden, they will destroy it digging for bugs and they have a taste for squash. Then a sad day. Chewpecka laid down to sleep one day and didn’t wake back up. This is common in the chicks.  Sometimes they just don’t make it which is why they lay so many eggs. And here is another issue, They need partners.  2 chickens do way better than 1 and 3 ends up a blood bath.  When we introduced Hen Solo to the other 2, they immediately jumped on her and started tearing out feathers. She was outnumbered and she knew it so she got a few beatings from Laya who has placed herself as head of the pecking order.  Solo ends up living up to her name and starts sleeping on top of the coop which she still does to this day. It was apparent that I needed another coop if we were to continue growing our flock so I gathered all the scrap wood I could find and built a much larger coop than the first one which also included a raised roosting area to be up away from danger. The last big learning lesson of that first year was that chickens are terrible swimmers.  We went out to find Laya Organic face down in our wading pool. We questioned Solo(since we all know he actually shot first in that bar in Mos Islay), but came to the conclusion it was an accident and no “fowl” play was involved. So I built a fence and separated them from the recreation side of the yard.

So here I am, year 2 of my chicken raising experience and I love it!  We have added 4 more birds (Chewpecka the 2nd, The Lone Free Ranger, Darth Feather, and Annihen Skyclucker). To continue with our Star Wars nerd out we also named our Flock yard “the Millennium Fowl-pen”. Don’t be jealous because you didn’t think of it first.  My daughter has a blast with them.  She loves chasing them around the yard trying to catch them and loves feeding them. She tries to help collect the eggs(which we get between 3-6 a day) but her little hands tend to cause more damage than help but it is a great experience either way. I’ve started selling 6pks to my coworkers at Trader Joe’s and everyone seems to enjoy them.  If you have been thinking about raising chickens, I highly recommend it, the amount of work put in is way less than the payoff when you are bringing in 1/2 dozen a day of free range, dark yellow yolked eggs that you, yourself helped bring to the table.

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Enjoy a SLO Weekend…Art in the Garden


art in the garden koco and vikingSaturday, May 18, 2013

10 am to 3 pm

Mr. Glenn’s / Gallery 551

551 W Grand Ave, Grover Beach, CA 93433

(805) 489-3318

Mr. Glenn’s/Gallery 551 is hosting an awesome event highlighting local artists and invite you to bring your easel and paint in the garden. Bring your sketches and there will be artists on-hand to help you with any questions you may have. Also, there will be great artwork to purchase for your home and to wear (see the koco & viking pendants above)! After you find some art to take home just head 5 more blocks to the beach and have a great day. We’ll be there and hope to see you too!


Welcome to my super SLO life! Join me as a new local to the beautiful county of San Luis Obispo (SLO) on California’s Central Coast. My husband and I recently moved here and we love nothing more than discovering. The idea of this blog started when we had no idea on where to start exploring this new place and we couldn’t find much information for newbies and wanted to help new locals out. That basic idea has already evolved as we’ve spent more time here and have fallen in love with our new home.

This blog will not only be about all things SLO but my actual life here; working, family, cooking, living, etc. So, no matter your interest in SLO or not, it’s really just a window into my life. Enjoy the adventure, I’m happy you’ve joined me!