Enjoy a SLO Weekend… Creations by the Creek

Creations by the Creek

Sat. March 8, 2014

9 am to 4 pm

77 Marquita Road, Templeton/Paso Robles

Shop this local event featuring hand made and re purposed goods! There will also be food. Such a great mix of local artists and sellers.

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James’ SLO Life… Daughter’s First Airshow

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On October 5th, the “Warbirds Over Paso” airshow flew into town (Ha!), and this year was quite a pleasure to attend. Not only was it the first airshow I have been to in close to 15 years, it was my daughter’s first airshow ever. The original plan involved the whole family, but my son got into a fist fight with a cup of tea and is recovering at home with momma. I know what you are thinking, but the tea was way worse off after the fight. So the Jedi and I load up and head out to see us some air planes.

Now to be honest, you don’t really have to pay to go in. You park right next to the air field so you could sit in your car and get a great view. I got free tickets because my work donated a bunch of stuff for the event and we got a few wrist bands so in we went. We got there just in time to see my favorite plane of all time, the P-38 Lightning. I haven’t been able to catch a show where one of these were flying and seeing one was like a childhood dream flying right in front of me. After watching it taxi back in, we walked around the parked planes and my daughter was amazed at the size of the C-130 that the Brits brought over. She had no problem going in all the planes we were allowed to look around in. The next planes were gearing up to fly and the roar of their engines caught my daughter’s attention and we headed towards the planes. 5 P-51 mustangs were heading out to the runway and everyone was getting excited (cool, but ain’t no p-38). I will have to admit, seeing 5 of these birds fly in formation was kinda cool. The next plane to fly was the “flying wing” built out in my home town of Hawthorne by Jim Northrop. Although cool to see, I have seen it before and it was far too quiet for my little Jedi to care for. We took this time to hit up the toy tables so I could be suckered into buying my sweet daughter a toy plane I will more than likely end up stepping on in the dark causing more bombs to drop from my mouth than fell on Berlin in 1945. After getting her toy, she decided it was getting time to go, so we headed towards the gate. She gave me permission, although grudgingly, to watch the bombers take off.She was pretty excited from the thump the engines throw through the air but was over it once they were up.

Although a quick 2 hour experience, it was a great first airshow for my little Jedi to see planes close up and flying in ways she hasn’t seen before. For being up here in Paso, this airshow puts on a great event for the whole family to enjoy. But make sure you bring hats and sunscreen because there isn’t much shade on the tarmac.

Ribbet collage

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Made in SLO… Stranded by Kylie

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The lovely Kylie Holt of Stranded by Kylie shared her creative life with us and we are thrilled to, finally, be sharing it with you. Enjoy a special discount at her Etsy store using code SLOLIFE13! Thanks, Kylie!

Where in SLO do you reside?

I currently live in Paso Robles and grew up in Templeton my entire life.

How has SLO grown?

Living in SLO county is great. In Paso Robles alone there have been so many businesses that have grown so much over the year, especially the wineries. In the past couple years even the dance department has expanded to two new studios in SLO county; Artistry In Motion in Paso Robles (where I work) and Main Street Dance have been added to the selection of dance studios. Overall, SLO county has added more variety in many different aspects.

I grew up as a dancer and worked as a choreographer, so I really appreciate the growth of dance companies throughout the county as well. It seems as though there is a new studio that pops up every couple months. What do you love most about SLO?

My favorite part about SLO is at times it can seem like you know everyone around you but then you suddenly meet someone never even heard of! It seems like a small town but a big one at the same time. There are always new people coming here weather they are just visiting or moving here.

I’m a newcomer myself and love the small town feel. It is one of my favorite things about SLO too! Now you have to tell us about your pretty jewelry. How/why did you start crafting?

My crafting started early on. My Nana taught me how to make plenty crafts and my favorite was jewelry. She taight me about jewelry one year right before Christmas. We made gifts for everyone that year that was all some type of jewelry! Later in 2012, my Nana had a stroke and was put into a coma. Today, she is still pushing through and she inspired me to do more than just go to school. I decided to make jewelry dedicated to her. She would have wanted me to do something special and I feel happy when I do make things.

I bet your Nana is very proud of you!

How did you come up with the name for your shop?

The name was an idea from one of my relatives who makes his own jewelry. It explains exactly what I do!


Artists always have unique places they like to work, what is yours?

Currently, my workshop is in the dinning room of my house. I live with my two aunts and I cant just leave everything out! My stuff goes in and out of my closet when I have time to make new things. It doesn’t get too messy when I make jewelry in the dinning room. I like to keep things clean.

We really think that your creativity shines through your pieces and we wish you a lot of luck in growing your sales! My favorite of your pieces is the dream key necklace (pictured below far right). Thanks for taking time to hang out with us, Kylie!

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Enjoy a SLO Weekend… Central Coast Lavender Festival

Saturday, July 13, 2013 from 10 am to 5 pm in Paso Robles Downtown Park – FREE and family friendly

We’ve been so excited to attend the Central Coast Lavender Festival because we, absolutely, adore lavender! The smell is relaxing and it tastes fantastic in all forms. There will be local vendors with lavender infused everything, as well as food and local and handmade goods. This Saturday will be sunny and beautiful in the North County “valley” of SLO and a perfect day to get out and enjoy the festival.

Outdoor Concerts in SLO County

outdoor concertsWe’re blessed to have amazing weather on the California Central Coast and cities throughout the county celebrate with outdoor concerts. We love attending concerts in the park and when we moved here I started asking around about events in our new home. So, I thought I would share this information with all of you newbies and locals alike. I hope to run into you at the concerts. Please let us know if you have a concert series you’d like to list!

All of these events are FREE and family friendly!


Templeton– 6:30 to 8:30 pm in the Templeton Community Park- June 13 through August 22, 2013 (no concert on July 4th) – click here for lineup


Paso Robles – 5:30 to 7:30 pm in the Paso Robles City Park Gazebo – June 14 through August 23, 2013 – click here for the lineup

San Luis Obispo – 5 to 8 pm in Mission Plaza – June 14 through September 6, 2013 – click here for more info and the lineup


Atascadero – 6:30 to 8:30 pm in Lake Park – June 29 through August 10, 2013 – click here for the lineup

Los Osos – 2 to 6 pm at Sea Pines Golf Resort – June 8 through July 27, 2013 – no outside food or beverage allowed – click here for their facebook page


Grover Beach – 3 to 6 pm in Ramona Park – June 2 through September 29, 2013 – click here for the lineup

Arroyo Grande – 1 pm at Heritage Square Park – June 9 through September 22, 2013 – click here for the lineup

Pismo Beach – 1 to 4 pm at Dinosaur Caves Park – June 9th, July 14th, and August 11, 2013 – click here for the lineup

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