inspiration/creation…painted pot


My love for succulents started young and grows stronger as I get older. I can thank my mom for the obsession!  She always took care of her numerous plants, each in their own special pot. Her addiction appreciation for succulents began in high school and her friends have always gifted her with rare plants. So, when my husband and I stumbled upon an amazing succulent shop we knew we weren’t going to walk out empty handed. I kept going back to this ruffled-edged plant and it made me think of my mom. My mom is a seamstress (although I don’t feel that title does her and her amazing talent justice) and the ruffled edges reminded me of some dresses she was working on. The colors were so vibrant in the sun and we, obviously, grabbed it! I don’t think it’s much of a mystery that I get all my creativity from this wonderfully talented woman.

Giving a plant as a gift is not as nice in the plastic container they come in and my husband said I should paint a pot. I thought it was a great idea and I thought of doing a simple ombré so the pot wouldn’t compete with the beautiful plant. The ombré trend that many of us enjoyed in the 70s and 80s came back full force and now we’re seeing it on everything for the home. I found a cute example at A Bird’s Leap but put my own twist on it, of course. I didn’t follow the tutorial but the colors inspired me. Yeah, I decided not to stick to simple but I think this pot complements the plant.


How I did it in 3 EASY steps:

  1. I painted the entire outside of a 8″ pot white with acrylic paint. I painted the top and and inside as well, about 4″ down, not the entire inside since the plant would be potted.
  2. I chose 3 colors of acrylic paint and used my fingers to blot the paint in absolutely no order. I decided not to go all the way around the pot, leaving some white to show contrast with all of the colors.
  3. Using a black permanent marker, I drew all different blooms on the tri-colored portion.

You DO NOT have to draw well to do this project. In fact, drawing is one of my weakest skills. Just practice doodling your blooms on paper and it’ll be easier. Honestly, I didn’t doodle. I just went for it!

I’m really happy with how it came out and my husband thought it was pretty rockin’. The best part was giving the gift to our mama and she was thrilled! This project was so fun that I’m probably going to make them for all our plants. If we run out of plants that need pots? We’d have to get more plants, right?!

inspiration/creation…birthday wreath


Creating is one of my favorite things to do and I’m always looking for inspiration. When I find something that gets my creative juices flowing, I don’t follow it to a T, but I make it my own. My niece’s first birthday was coming up and seeing that she’s a Spring baby (we share the same bday!) and her mom loves all things crafty, I knew this would be the perfect way to announce it to the world…or at least the neighborhood. My inspiration was found at Flamingo Toes, where inspiration abounds for me, and I couldn’t wait to get going.

My twists on the tutorial- flat formed wreath, multi-color yarn, and felt instead of ric rac. I hand embroidered the bunting, my first attempt at embroidery…ever! Also, instead of using pearl pins, I glued pearls so the pins wouldn’t poke anyone should they fall out. To make the “ric rac” with felt, I cut it with pinking shears for perfect points. The bunting was hand tacked also.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to get this in the mail yet, but at least it is something that is to be displayed after her birthday! oops. I really wish I could be there to help her celebrate her 1st bday, I know it will be full of style. Crossing my fingers that it makes it to her safely and not crushed in the mail.