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We had the pleasure of making friends with Ruth of Kraft & Roseate via Etsy and we’re really happy to share more about her and her wonderful shop! She has a great eye, as you can see in her work, and you’ll just fall in love with the typography and color choices. Enjoy an exclusive discount for MSSL readers, Free shipping on orders of $6+ with code SLOLIFE10!

You may not live in San Luis Obispo but Santa Maria is our adopted neighbor! How long have you lived there?
I moved to Santa Maria with my husband one year ago (august) and gave birth to my son in January.

Where did you move from?
I was born in Mexico and came to the States when I was 4 years old. I lived in Bakersfield, CA most of my life until I came to live here last year. My husband graduated from Cal State Bakersfield and got a job at Vandenberg AFB, so that’s why we moved to Santa Maria.

As a SLO neighbor, what do you love most about it and how is it different from any other place?
I love the culture, downtown, and all the great mommy meet ups! The atmosphere in SLO is so artistic and inspiring. I always leave SLO feeling crafty! When you visit you always get a warm welcome, and you can tell the locals really care about their community.

How did you start crafting?
I started crafting when I was a little girl. My mom is a gifted seamstress and both of my grandmas loved to make things with their hands, so you can say I come from a generation of crafters; it’s in my blood! For as far as I can remember I have loved to make gifts for my loved ones, things for myself and my home. 

The best artisans have been taught to appreciate making things with your hands by the generations before. You can tell you have it in your blood! What do you create?
I make cards, party favors, embellishements, and inspirational little things. I mainly make things with card stock, but I also like to incorporate other materials like clay, twine, and ink. Right now I am experimenting with different products; as a crafter I make all sorts of things, but I’m slowly creating a niche for my shop. For now I am creating a shop that houses adorable little things that can be gifted or purchased for personal use. 

What is the name of your shop and how did you come up with it?
Kraft and Roseate. The Kraft in my shop name represents my love for crafting, and Roseate for how beautiful these things can be! I wanted people to think handmade when they heard my shop name, and I hope this is what it transmits. I want to remind foiks how a handmade item can be so special and add value to their lives. 

What is your workshop like?
Oh man I definitely have a messy corner in my living room! I have taken over most of it too haha. I live in a one bedroom apartment, so that is the only place I was able to set up shop. As you can imagine I have materials and tools on the table, under the table, and in one big book shelf I purchased at Ikea a few years ago; I also have stuff hanging from my walls. Right now my son is seven months old, so he’s not quite crawling yet, but once he starts to crawl and walk I’m going to have to move everything up.

What goals for the future of your business?
A year from now I want to have a steady following on my blog, and at least 400 sales on Etsy. Fast forward 10 years from now, I would like to have an independent online store and my own line of embellishments and crafting supplies. I think most crafters dream of being the next Martha Stewart, and I’m definitely one of those! I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but I do want to add valuable products to the existing market.

Thank you so much for giving us an intimate look into you and your artsy self! We really appreciate you taking the time and are looking forward to seeing you grow. Don’t forget to check out her shop on Etsy!
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