The Spotted Whale Consignment Sale

April 4-6, 2014

1500 Lizzie St., San Luis Obispo

Sale Schedule:

Volunteer Presale – Friday, April 4 @ 5:00 pm

Consignor Presale – Friday, April 4 @ 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

New Mom Presale (you must be registered!)- Saturday, April 5 @ 9:00 am

Open to the General Public – Saturday, April 5 @ 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Discount Day (open to the public) – Sunday, April 6 @ 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

Do you love finding your favorite clothing labels, toys, and gear at a fraction of the price of retail?  The Spotted Whale Consignment Sale is where you need to be!

Need another reason to shop with us?

  • Find brands such as GAP, Carter’s, Hanna Andersson, Gymboree, OshKosh B’gosh, Mini Boden, Tea, Graco, Chicco, B.O.B., and much more.
  • All items are in excellent condition with little wear so that we maintain a standard of quality items for our customers.
  • Organized like a retail store with items sorted by size, gender, and category.
  • In addition to cash, we accept Visa and MasterCard  for your convenience (sorry, no checks).
  • On day two of the sale, many items are marked at half price.
  • Free admission and parking.

Make sure you arrive early to get the best deals!



Pitch Black Friday



It is that time of year. Nope, not the family-, love-, and turkey-filled time of year we all grew up knowing (at least Gen Y and older). The time of year that every sane person becomes a ravenous a*shole that could care less about their fellow man. You know who you are. You’re ticking off 10% of your holiday gift list and the rest is all for you. No matter how many nickels you drop in that red bucket, you’re still a jerk. We all become the same come that Friday Thanksgiving shopping day.

Thanksgiving. When you hear that word, what does it conjure up for you? For many of those lucky enough to have a job, that word means not spending it with family but being flung into the madness that is Black Friday shopping. Why do we think it’s okay to take these people away from their families? Greed. No matter the rationalization, it is greed.

I used to be a Black Friday shopper myself. One of the best, at the time. I took part in the festivities when they started Mid-Friday, following Thanksgiving, after I’ve had my 3rd turkey and stuffing sandwich. All of the shopping I did was for myself as I would have all of my Christmas shopping done by Halloween. Wow, if only I could still be that efficient. When it started creeping earlier and earlier, I wasn’t interested in cutting into family time. Especially when I would get, literally, run over. Being 5 feet at Black Friday (when the madness started coming out of folks) was a bit too short. Shocking, right?! Ha ha. I know, not so much.

A few years ago the husband and I started going back to maximize the money we raised to give a needy family the Christmas they couldn’t afford. As we froze our butts off in line, 5 hours before the store opened, we chatted it up with our line neighbors. We were all so close; holding spots for potty breaks, sending spouses on hot cocoa runs, and planning team efforts to get the big ticket items. Once the doors opened and we were within 8 feet of the magic, all bets were off. No longer were those people friends and they pushed and shoved us right out of their way. Luckily, we weren’t there for electronics or toys and found ourselves in a quiet parts of the store without a sign of crazy.

This Black Friday we will not be participating in the madness. My husband will be working Thanksgiving day and through the weekend. I will be driving to Los Angeles to sell my art in a Small Business focused event that draws the Non-Black Fridayers out to shop local and purchase hand crafted items. As a small business owner I encourage you to shop small businesses, of course, but what I really want you to do is spend time with your family and avoid the big stores. We all think that they won’t change their ways if I am the only one who chooses not to support their decisions. The thing is, like all things, if we all did what we thought was right- well- we could definitely make a difference. Just give it a thought, that’s all I ask.

We’re baaaack!

Please forgive us for being MIA in a very long while. Life happens and life happened all over the place the last month over here at MSSL. Well, we’re gearing up for the holidays and we’ll be back for all the the goodness you deserve and expect. It’s nice to be back. We missed you!

Anniversary of My Grandma’s Death

grandma altar

A year ago, yesterday, our family’s glue became an angel. My grandma was a lady with style to spare, caring, critical, a party girl, and had throngs of friends that she socialized with on a daily basis. When she passed, it was surprising and a huge hit to our family’s heart.

Throughout the last year her friends have become our family and have offered unending support. We had a huge celebration yesterday to remember her and over a hundred people showed up to dance, share funny stories and memories, and show their support and love of our family. Everyone felt the same; we’ve suffered a great loss but she shared so much love that will last forever.
We miss her every day, especially on special occasions like my wedding last year. We’re lucky though, her legacy was love and that’s pretty cool. I shared this quote as the family speaker yesterday and it is so perfect…
 “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. “
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Your Destination Looks Bright

IMG_1076image via the lovely depot

I was in deep contemplation today of what our little bloggie would offer to our readers outside of SLO. Here at MSSL we’re all about sharing our lives and all the little epiphanies that come with it and everyone can relate with our stories. When I was looking for a Local Eats photo for today’s post, I came across this photo. I’ve been hanging on to this photo for my own enlightenment and I decided to forego the Local Eats post because this was the embodiment of the little voice in my head today. The quote and photo are perfect with the soul of this blog and I wanted to share it with all of you. What is your destination?

SLOing Down


The weeks leading up to our move from the South Bay (southern beach cities in Los Angeles) to SLO were riddled with fear about leaving the fast-paced life we were accustomed to and loved. In comparison to the rest of L.A. we were the slow ones by living in the South Bay ! So, moving to San Luis would be a major lifestyle change for any Angeleno transplant.

We were right in our assumptions; that the pace is different and completely SLO but lacked the W. Everyone is super active and who wouldn’t enjoy the outdoors to the extreme with this beautiful countryside and an abundant oceanfront playground?! Back home, everyone enjoyed a work hard and play hard mentality. Sometimes…most of the time…it was a work the hardest and no play reality. Here in SLO, you work to provide but play to live your fullest life.

My husband and I are embracing the SLO life by becoming more mindful of what is important and enjoying our surroundings. Living in SLO really affords you the ability to prioritize and become fulfilled with LIFE. Take the  photo above as an example- it is of our evening yesterday. We grabbed our painting supplies and headed to a peaceful spot. The breeze had picked up and we decided just to watch the surfers and the sunset. I was caught in a moment of true happiness when I looked out and my mind was clear, a moment I have on a, nearly, daily basis now. Those moments were rare and too far between in the South Bay. Don’t get me wrong, L.A. is where my heart is but SLO is where my spirit is soaring!

My Birthday


Growing up I always liked to have wild and crazy birthdays. As I got older, the partying lasted longer and celebrations could be daily for a month. This birthday, I had the same expectations. Boy was I surprised when I enjoyed a relaxing day that stretched into the weekend.

My husband had emergency surgery a couple of weeks ago so I knew this birthday would be super low-key. We had every intention of celebrating at a later date to make up for it. Luckily, we have nothing to make up for! My birthday was last Friday and we started the celebration on Thursday with lunch at a place we’ve been wanting to try, a stop at a beach I’ve been longing to comb, a stay in the woods, and family time the next day. Everything was done at a snail’s pace, not my usual style at all, and I was more than satisfied to go at that speed.

The last 4 days were such a blessing and revelation. As I get older, it’s obvious that my mind wants to slow down and decompress and I am more than happy to give in. I never thought that I would be someone to enjoy the slower things in life as much as I do. I now realize that one of the reasons God brought me to this new home is to slow me down to reevaluate. Leaving our go-go-go life gets easier every day and prayer helps with that.

25-year-old me wouldn’t believe what she’s hearing and 45-year-old me is saying, “Duh!”.  I am embracing the SLO life more and more. I only wish everyone the same blessing.

As you get older, what are you learning that contradicts how you saw yourself at this age?

{More about where we went in future posts}