About Us

My Super SLO Life is a reflection of the writers’ lives as Los Angeles transplants that now call San Luis Obispo (SLO) County home. Each has vastly different views and experiences, making for exciting tales and intimate observations. The writers’ opinions and views are their own and don’t necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the other writers.

Main Contributors

Jaz and her husband are, what they call, “new locals” to SLO. They live in a multi-generational household in South County SLO (pismo beach) and moved here to help take care of her ailing grandfather and to be closer to family. Their favorite thing to do in their new home is discover it, every hidden gem or recommendation. Jaz grew up coming to SLO to visit her family and is now excited to be a resident. She was a big proponent and cheerleader of the Stay Local movement in Los Angeles and is overjoyed to be in a place that embraces that culture whole heartedly.

James and his family live in North County SLO (templeton) where they have their own chickens and vegetable garden. He calls SLO a “paradise of a county” and loves all that it has to offer. He really enjoys being married and being a dad, as you can tell by his posts. James and his wife chose their home to escape Los Angeles and give their kids a SLO upbringing and all that it includes. He has mastered his vegetable garden and sells his eggs to coworkers, he is definitely living the SLO life!

Interested in becoming a contributor? Email us, we’d love to talk to you!

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