James’ SLO Life… My Birthday!


The fall is here, and with it another birthday. Yesterday (10/01) marked my 32nd year on this planet. Normally I would have been at Disneyland but having a daughter with a birthday 15 days after mine, I am conceding that fun to her. So for my birthday, I took advantage of a couple of those great “free” on your birthday things that float around. Wait, I am getting ahead of myself. First thing in the morning was me walking out into the living room to find that my wife and daughter had decorated the dining room in celebration for my birthday. There were balloons, streamers, and Star Wars decor all over the place. Then my wife served up some great roasted country potatoes and eggs with turkey bacon (my favorite breakfast combo) and we all ate together as a family.

After breakfast, we opened presents and hung out while we all got dressed for outside. Out to Atascadero for Cold Stones for my birthday special. This year they changed from a free creation on your birthday, to a buy one get one deal (times are hard and money is tight). So luckily I had a wife to go with so I could get my freebie. SO after scarfing down my free bowl of heaven (shared with my daughter of course), We all head back home to drop off the kids with my mother in law (newly moved into the area from Georgia) and head back to Atascadero for $5.50 tuesdays at the Galaxy Theater (if you sign up for their club). Saw the movie “Rush” starring Chris Helmsworth, and was not disappointed with the outcome.

After the movie, I had my choice between Big Bad Bubba’s BBQ or Sylvester’s Hamburgers as both have free meals on your birthday specials. I have eaten at both before so I decided to choose the one I (and lower regions of I) wouldn’t be sad because of later. Sylvester’s is probably one of the best burgers on the central coast for the price. Yes, there are far greater burgers I’ve had but they also had a far greater price I had to pay to enjoy. So I grabbed me a 1/2 lb. California burger to go, snapped my birthday picture for the wall, and headed back home to hang out with my kids whom after a 2 hour movie, I was starting to miss.

Having exhausted them with non stop daddy time after I got home, I got them tucked in and kissed them goodnight. I spent the rest of the night with a buddy and my wife watching the Avengers… again… and that completed my birthday. Not as eventful or quite as exciting as birthdays in my youth, but I couldn’t ask for anything else. To spend my time around the woman of my dreams that I don’t deserve, and the gifts of my children that she gave me, is the absolute best birthday an ex punker from the South Bay could ever have imagined.

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