James’ SLO Life… Banking Injustice

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Summer is just about over, although the weather would not allude to that fact having crept back into the 90’s up here in north county. I am starting to get the garden together for my wife to start her fall plantings and some fence maintenance now that the temp is moderately bearable. I took a trip down to the South Bay to help with cleaning out my Bachan’s (japanese grandmother) house so that the bank can come take it back in a very crooked manner.

The amount of history that was found was amazing. Having spent the early part of her life in an internment camp and having only 1 truck to her name, she kept everything after being released as if it were all treasure. Coins, pictures, jewelry, and even toys from the 60’s and before were put in boxes all over the house and in closets and in the attic, probably untouched since being bought (as many were still in original packaging). As most Japanese Americans did when called to these camps, they went willingly because they considered themselves Americans and were doing what their country asked in scary times. Unfortunately, after leaving, their houses, property, and belongings (including family heirlooms) were taken and sold off in their absence leaving them only what was brought with them to the camps. What a sad and disgusting time in our country’s history. After all that, now the bank is trying to do the whole thing over again after selling her a predatory loan that compounded to make her owe twice what her house was worth. These types of people need to be taken out in public and shot in the stomach and left there to die over the next couple days, bleeding out slowly, as they do to their financial victims. Now this amount must be paid by my mom even when the bank is going to be taking the house.

The stress that this has put on my mother over the last year has been enough to drive someone into actions many might deem immoral, if not illegal, and I commend her for keeping herself on the straight and narrow because I would not be able to handle it so well. As Americans, we love throwing around the word freedom but don’t question the slavery in which we have all willingly succumb to by the banking industry. It’s way past time to force a change these big fat cat bankers seem to keep getting away with ignoring.

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