James’ SLO Life…Organizing the Garage

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So this last week I had to tackle a job that everyone who owns a house must do once and a while… organize the garage. When first starting in on this, I will admit I was a little overwhelmed. I had tools all over the place and nothing on my work bench was where it should be or put away in the tool box. I had a couple of larger items hanging on nails in the studs of the wall but all in all nothing was utilizing space well. I went down to my local hardware/home improvement store to see what I could do. Cruising the aisles I noticed that they had their items all on hooks that were in peg boards. The light bulb went off and I was a little embarrassed having not thought of this sooner. I picked up 3 peg boards in the ply wood section which measured 3’x1.5′ each and some hardware to hang the items on.

Once home, I cleared the section of wall I was planning on using and plotted out the layout. I too a couple of 2x4s and a 2×2 and secured them to the wall for securing the peg boards to (can’t have the peg board flush against the wall or you won’t be able to put the hooks in). I trimmed up the peg boards to fit the layout and used the extra pieces I trimmed off to fill in strips below the main boards for smaller items and knick knacks. Once all secured to the wall, it was time for the fun part… organizing the tools on the wall. There is something therapeutic about getting your tools in order and kinda gratifying putting them on display like this. I don’t know why I waited so long but this is definitely worth the work. For less than $50 and a half day(or full day if also taking care of kids) you can bring a sense of organization to your work station that will give you a sense of pride and ease and in the long run, make for a happier garage going experience… and as you can see, there is still room to add items and grow my wall of tools.

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One thought on “James’ SLO Life…Organizing the Garage

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