James’ SLO Life… The Other F Word, a review



Recently I watched a great documentary that spoke so clear to me, The Other F Word. It is about these big time punk rock band members; such as Jim from Pennywise, Lars from Rancid, and Fat Mike from NOFX among others and their struggles and realizations of raising kids while still trying to do the whole punk rock thing. I will admit that I was a little biased going into this because I grew up listening to all these bands but was quite surprised with the way they ended portraying themselves and their lives. They stripped away all that they represent themselves with being while on stage to reveal who they are as dads. It was very close to home as it is something I will have to address my kids when they are older with me playing punk for over 10 years and now trying to be a symbol of authority as their dad and still hold on to what I have become from playing punk for so long.

The most common thought from all of the dads in the documentary is that they need to spend more time with their kids. These big time punkers all agree that they never thought about what it would be like with kids and how they couldn’t even have guessed the challenges that come across but they all love the work and trials that come along with the role of being someone’s father. The best story in the film was the main story that followed Jim Lindberg from Pennywise on his last tour and his struggles and thoughts that led up to his quitting the band after the tour. Anyone who has tried to play music as a career or spends a lot of time on business trips will feel like Jim is talking directly to them as I am sure it is a very common thing to feel this way when you have kids you leave at home to make money to raise them.

Whether you are a career musician or someone who does a lot of business travel, the struggles with earning money and spending time are the same and this movie should be a great view of how even those we don’t hold up as very responsible, walk the line in order to fulfill the expectations of bosses (fans) and their kids and the separation of one persona from the persona of parent. I definitely rate this one as 5 stars.

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