local eats… Bon Temps Creole Cafe

bon temps


1000 Olive Street

San Luis Obispo, CA

I was craving some Creole/Cajun food and Bon Temps was the only place that came up on a search. So, I grabbed my favorite person to go out to eat with and we were on our way. The restaurant is in the front of a Ramada Hotel and parking is available at the hotel during certain hours (forgive me for not remembering the times!).  We arrived an hour before they close before dinner service and the place was packed! The hostess allowed us to sit wherever we wanted and we chose to sit out front on the patio. It was a really hot day out and the sunken patio looked like a nice place to enjoy shade. Probably a poor choice because of all the car traffic that came by.

The food did not live up to yelp reviews. Their “over-easy” egg was hard-boiled, basically, and there was a single server for the entire place. Needless to say, we only saw our server when the check came. The only thing we enjoyed was the pain perdu, which was significantly better than the lot. I’m not sure if they were having an off day or if the cook isn’t the best they have but our visit was disappointing. This is one place we won’t be going back to. Our family is kind of over having to give second chances because a majority of SLO restaurants just don’t deliver when you try them out. It’s too bad, we really love treating ourselves to a good meal.


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