James’ SLO Life… 1 Week of Ramadan

james 7.16.13

As the first week of Ramadan comes to a close, the hardest part is over.  I am getting used to not eating or drinking during the day, my temper from lack of food is mellowing out, and the fact that I still have 3 weeks of this to go is looking more like an opportunity for spiritual growth; and less of a burden to my normal routine.

Unfortunately with the heat of summer, my daily activities are limited to not much outside anything. Thankfully Trader Joe’s has great air conditioning or the smell of demo food, talking to customers about delicious cheeses and pizzas and wonderfully tender cuts of beef, and not water after cart runs in 100 degree heat might get to me. My biggest challenge right now are the tourists. During the summer, we get flooded with people who came west from Fresno to go to the beach, drink wine, and fall off their boat at Lake Nacimiento. This year, with the opening of the new Vino Robles Amphitheater, the slew of people hitting up TJs for last minute snacks causes quite the congestion. Bit of advice to anyone coming up for a concert: don’t wait til the last minute to come get your snacks, we will probably run out. Same with heading to the lake, don’t place all your bets on TJs, we may be out. Plan ahead and get your supplies before your final trip to your destination. Firestone has a moronic way of fulfilling orders, so that 805 beer you want might be out (it’s currently the most over rated beer on the central coast). We are tired of hearing your complaints about how we are out of your one particular hummus or ranch dip and how your whole plans are now ruined… plan ahead. Now if only the out of towners can remember that we all live here the rest of the year and we don’t exist to cater to your needs and clean up the piles of junk you leave in your wake, things will flow quite smoothly. See, hunger induced short temper.

So for the next few weeks I will be spending much of my waking time either at work, muttering insults under my breathe like Yosemite Sam; or at home spending time with my kids while my wife works in her office on her new online magazine she is starting up. My daughter is stoked that I am able to just sit and spend time with her and not outside working in the yard or at my work bench in the garage. I predict more than a few viewings of “Diego” and “Tinkerbell” as well as many drawn pictures before this year’s Ramadan experience is over.

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