Izzy’s SLO Life… My First Time in the Ocean

izzy dunesYesterday my humans and I decided to head to Grover Beach to let me run in the ocean for the very first time. I’m becoming an old man and even though I have only lived by the beach and watched hundreds of sunsets, I’ve never played around in the sea. They told me that there would be a lot of birds for me to chase so I agreed that we should give it a go.

Our visit started with a great adventure. My humans tried to go off of the beaten path, literally, and we ended up in some deep and soft sand. Our 4 wheel drive decided to not work and we work nice and stuck. We didn’t even make it to our desired spot yet. One human dug sand out and the other tried to drive out of the whole, then they traded. I bounced from seat to seat, all stressed out. How were we going to get home?! Then, a family of 3 ran over to help us out. They were really nice and I didn’t even bark at them. With their help, we got our truck out of the sand. The nice family came all the way from Arkansas but the day was too windy for them and they only stayed for 5 minutes.

The wind was really whipping up and sand was flying all over but I was determined to get my paws wet. My humans and I took my introduction to the Pacific slowly. Gradually, they walked me closer and closer to the water and even helped me chase some birds. At first, I was pretty scared and the water was much cooler than the baths they run for me (I have them well trained!). Eventually, I didn’t even think about it and I was neck deep in the salty sea. I was starting to do some paddling but they never did let me get that deep, maybe next time! When I was walking and running along the coast, the tide picked up and I became a bit disoriented when the tide went back out. I ran closer to the water because it looked like the ground was moving! After a while I led my humans back to the sand to take a rest. The picture above is me hanging out and enjoying some sun. The day was a bit too windy for me to completely relax, I kept blinking and rubbing my eyes.

If you are ever in the area, I think you’d really like Grover Beach and the Oceano Dunes! You can drive on the beach and it’s only $5/car. I’m looking forward to the next time my humans and I can get back to the ocean. I’m becoming a Dune Doggy!

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