local eats… Batch



1108 Broad Street

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

I am addicted to ice cream, to my hips’ chagrin, and can’t pass up an ice cream sandwich. My husband and I are from L.A. and were religious followers of the ice cream sandwich truck (that are now national trucks and have a landlocked location) COOLHAUS. So, we were excited to stumble upon Batch during a Downtown SLO Thursday Night Farmers Market outing. We were pretty impressed with the cookie and ice cream choice the first time around, although we’re not huge fans of Doc Burnstein’s ice cream. Unfortunately, in South SLO County, you don’t have a choice but to eat Doc’s if you want anything on the good side other than a half gallon from the grocery store.

On our recent visit I even asked if they were still using Doc’s and the employee said YES quite enthusiastically. I hope that they’ll make their own ice cream one day, that would make this place the cat’s meow. This time around I had a rocky road cookie with strawberry ice cream. I didn’t quite like the thinness of the cookie doubled with the chewy, stick behind your teeth texture.  I was a sticky mess by the end. A mess. My husband had chocolate chip cookies and birthday cake ice cream. He liked his cookies but wasn’t a fan of the ice cream. We just don’t enjoy Doc’s as much as everyone else, I guess. Good thing that Doc’s is going into the old Coldstone location Downtown, eh?! Insert sad face here. Back to the awesomeness of BATCH-  They always have about 5 choices of cookie, 5 of ice cream and sorbets, and they even have “toppings” that they can roll the sides in. I haven’t tried mine rolled yet, but I have my heart set on some potato chips with my ice cream next time…mmmmmmmm!

Summer and Batch seem to go hand in hand, so we’ll be seeing a lot of them. If you check in with Yelp, they have a good check in deal of about 75 cents off of your ice cream sandwich. Make sure to let them know in time, I forgot and didn’t get the deal. Oh wells. What combination would you try?



  • Quality of cookies
  • Good price for a treat
  • Service is always friendly
  • Fun choices, it’s hard to pick!


  • Parking downtown…bring quarters!
  • Small indoor seating and one bench outside

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