local eats…Redwood Cafe

redwood cafe

Redwood Cafe

2094 Main St, Cambria, CA 93428
(805) 927-4830

In April we went to Cambria to celebrate my birthday and enjoyed a full day of Moonstone Beach, Downtown Cambria, and a lovely night. We were really excited to have a wonderful and local breakfast before heading back home. Well, we made the choice to hit up Redwood Cafe and we were so surprised. The place was definitely an old-school and local loved joint. Our server was fantastic and she knew her customers. Both she and another man were so welcoming. When we placed our order 7 whole minutes must have passed before we were served with lumberjack sized platters.

I enjoyed the vegetarian benedict (I can’t remember the actual name) more than I did anywhere else. I really love all vegetable benedicts because they make me feel less guilty for indulging in hollandaise sauce, another obsession. What pushed their benedict over the top? The garlic sauteed tomatoes. Oh. My. Geez. You have NO idea. The side potatoes weren’t that great but the hollaindaise was so creamy that I didn’t even care about the potatoes. Okay, I just cared a little less but I was still bummed. My husband had the pancakes, eggs, and bacon dish. The pancakes were superbly balanced between sweet and savory and hit the mark on density and fluffiness.

Really? Stop reading this and JUST GO. Honest, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Quality of food
  • Affordable prices
  • Ample free parking
  • Outdoor patio seating
  • Service is fast and friendly


  • A little hard to find- parking is sunken and the cafe is in the middle of a strip that’s hard to see from the street

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