Izzy’s SLO Life

izzy cauliflower crownIzzy wearing his cauliflower crown from a farmers market trip

Izzy is our family’s MinChi/ChiPin, a Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua, and he’s treated like a little prince/little brother. We all enjoy spoiling him and goofing around with him. Izzy really enjoys all of the attention and he likes to ham it up with his old friends and makes new friends quickly, if you have a treat to give him. Some of his favorite things to do are sunbathing, playing chase, laying with his pack, and taking care of his humans. Izzy moved here from LA too and he has gone through an adjustment as well. He’s excited to start sharing his SLO life with all of you as the newest contributor to our blog!


One thought on “Izzy’s SLO Life

  1. Izzy, my little man, it’s so good to see that life is treating you so well, love your picture. Your getting much better at posing for the camera. I’ll be out in August, so hope we can make plans to hang out together.

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