James’ SLO Life…Templeton Concerts in the Park

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This week kicks off my favorite event each Summer, Concert in the Park. Each city seems to have their own, so practically everyday, somewhere in SLO county, there is live music playing in a park.  Even before living in Templeton I would frequent their concerts because that is where my fellow crew members at Trader Joe’s would gather together. Concerts are held on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 and covers a whole spectrum of musical tastes but seems to focus on blues and rock this year. If you are planning on attending, I suggest arriving early as seating is first come first served on the grass and the later you arrive, the further away you will have to park.  Bring a blanket for the ground and one for cover since the evenings can get cool as the sun sets. This also seems to be the only time no one is paying attention to open container laws as half of the people there are drinking wine and carrying on, but keeping it under control and cleaning up after themselves to avoid losing that privilege. If you have kids, this is a great place to bring them. Once the music starts, you will be hard pressed to find a group of kids not moving their feet and dancing with each other to the great tunes coming from the band. Food is a must if planning on being there the whole 2 hours. Even if you think you won’t be, once you are having a good time you see everyone else munching on goodies, you are going to want snacks as well. The last thing I suggest bringing is a flashlight.  Templeton has very little street lights and it gets pitch black on some nights while walking back to the car and the risk for tripping is very high due to badly paved streets in that neighborhood.

These concerts are a great opportunity to get out into the community and meet your neighbors and if with kids, an opportunity to meet potential play dates. Families abound and your kid is going to meet someone they enjoy playing with while there. Also, each show is sponsored by local businesses (including TJ’s) and is a great way to promote and find out about your local options for goods and services to help your community grow. Most importantly, there is great music.  These bands tend to be some of the best local musicians in the area and they all play their hearts out for the 2 hours they are up there. Come support local music and you never know, you may stumble across your new favorite act, and find out that the guitarist lives next door to you. These concerts are great fun for the whole family and are great ways to get to know your community further. So check out your local concert in the park and let’s listen to some great music together.

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