Anniversary of My Grandma’s Death

grandma altar

A year ago, yesterday, our family’s glue became an angel. My grandma was a lady with style to spare, caring, critical, a party girl, and had throngs of friends that she socialized with on a daily basis. When she passed, it was surprising and a huge hit to our family’s heart.

Throughout the last year her friends have become our family and have offered unending support. We had a huge celebration yesterday to remember her and over a hundred people showed up to dance, share funny stories and memories, and show their support and love of our family. Everyone felt the same; we’ve suffered a great loss but she shared so much love that will last forever.
We miss her every day, especially on special occasions like my wedding last year. We’re lucky though, her legacy was love and that’s pretty cool. I shared this quote as the family speaker yesterday and it is so perfect…
 “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. “
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