local eats…Kreuzberg CA

kreuzbergKreuzberg CA- Restaurant and Coffee House

685 Higuera Street

San Luis Obispo CA 93401

(805) 439-2060

All my hipster friends in LA knew about this place, how come I didn’t? I’m guessing it is because I don’t pay attention when I am in Downtown SLO, a place I grew up walking around and have been to thousands of times as a visitor, and I always go with the intention of hitting up a certain spot. So, after church this past Sunday we finally did it. We popped our Kreuzberg cherry! Wahoozers!

It was odd to walk to the place because all of these years I knew it as a bad chinese restaurant. I could never fathom why that restaurant was still around but now it is home to a pretty cool spot. When you walk in you’re welcomed by a pastry display and a smiling face. To be honest, you’ll also be smacked by a feeling that you may not be hip enough to fit in. Don’t worry, you are! There is a large mural to the left and behind the bustling barista station, a large installation of pop art on vinyl is secured to the wall. Lamps hang upside down, tables and chairs don’t match, and college kids study on their own taking up whole tables. There are huge couches to chill on and Kreuzberg merch to purchase but all I care about is grabbing a sensational cup of joe.

My husband ordered a tuxedo mocha and breakfast burrito and I got the mexican mocha and brekkydilla (breakfast quesadilla). We grabbed a table inside when all of the outdoor seating was occupied and checked out the scene. This place reminded us of home. It was quintessential Silver Lake in Downtown San Luis Obispo, even the customers were what you would find in the hipster haunts. We both liked our breakfast choices but my brekkydilla was a bit larger than the breakfast burrito and only 50¢ more (it was one of the daily specials). Our coffees were perfect; not burnt or bitter (like Staryucks), a beautiful almond milk foam (that most places can’t master), and just the right amount of sweetness. But, to be honest, the cinnamon from my mexican mocha sat right at the top of my coffee and below the foam and when I sipped, it all flowed into my mouth in a huge clump- yuck!

We really enjoyed ourselves and were glad we came when we did. By the time we left, the line was, literally, out the door. If you’re looking for coffee with a scene, this is the only place in SLO you’ll find it.


  • Setting and Ambience
  • Drink options
  • Coffee prices
  • Outdoor patio seating


  • Hard to find parking on the street with meters- park in a lot a couple blocks away
  • Students taking up tables to themselves
  • Tables hard to get when they’re super busy

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