Local Eats…Rooster Creek Tavern

rooster creek 3

Rooster Creek Tavern

200 E Branch St

Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

(805) 489-2509

When we first moved here a lot of people gave us suggestions on where to eat. Yelp has always been a great resource in a new place and I have used that quite a bit, but not with much success. We’ve tried A LOT of places and I thought it would be nice to share our experiences with all the other SLO newbies. I’ll be calling this Local Eats and hopefully you’ll find it helpful. Please keep in mind that this is all my personal opinion and based on personal experience.

We were looking for a place to have the rehearsal dinner for our wedding and we happened upon the Rooster Creek Tavern website that said they have a private room for parties. We were still living in Los Angeles and didn’t have the chance to check out the space. When we came up to SLO to visit our family we stopped in to try the food. We were blown away by the quality of their food, the space was beautiful, and the whole place was our style. We talked to Debbie before we left and booked the side room.

Our guests adored the gourmet pizzas and salad we served at the rehearsal dinner. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Pizza? For a rehearsal dinner?” Yup! These pizzas are topped with goat cheese and farmer’s market veggies, tri tip steak, shrimp scampi, and any other gourmet item you can think of. Plus, these aren’t large pizzas but thoughtfully handmade. We have been there to eat quite a few times before and after our wedding and have enjoyed the experiences. The only thing we haven’t been impressed by is their Chicken & Waffles. Apparently, it’s a SLO thing to pair chicken STRIPS with waffles for this famous combo, not quite the same thing.

Rooster Creek Tavern is such a welcomed addition to the Arroyo Grande Village. They bring a sense of sophistication and a new air to the quaint neighborhood. The Village really needed a place to help kick them into the current times and Rooster Creek is definitely pointing them in that direction. We hope that some of the current establishments take a page from their book as residents really are craving something much more satisfying than many of the available options. They have many more options than gourmet pizza…check out their menu here.


  • High Quality ingredients
  • Food offerings
  • Ambience
  • Value
  • SERVICE!!!
  • Outdoor patio seating


  • Parking can be difficult on Saturday mornings during Farmer’s Market
  • Sometimes inconsistent, but just tell someone and they take care of you
  • Ginger Ale is just coke and sprite…ick…please use bitters!

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