Local Eats…Urbane Cafe


Urbane Cafe

952 Higuera Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 541-5100


When we first moved here a lot of people gave us suggestions on where to eat. Yelp has always been a great resource in a new place and I have used that quite a bit, but not with much success. We’ve tried A LOT of places and I thought it would be nice to share our experiences with all the other SLO newbies. I’ll be calling this Local Eats and hopefully you’ll find it helpful. Please keep in mind that this is all my personal opinion and based on personal experience.

One of our favorite things to do is walk around Downtown SLO after church on Sunday. When we’re down there we grab lunch, sit outside if possible, and people watch. Our criteria one Sunday afternoon was simple, salad and outdoor dining. As we walked along Higuera we saw Urbane Cafe and thought we’d check it out. The line was long and, to us, that was a good sign. The line moved quickly and we both ordered salads. The patio had a lot of seating and we found a nice spot in the shade.

WOWZER! Our salads were fresh, delightful, and full of flavor. And the bread?! Oh. My. Gosh. To die for. Without going on and on about this place, which I totally could, let’s just say it’s a weekly obsession that I gladly indulge in and I highly encourage you to as well!


  • Price 
  • Freshness
  • Antibiotic-free, free range, organic Chicken!
  • Value
  • Options
  • Home made dressings/sauces


  • Parking (difficult in the downtown area)
  • Service when ordering can feel rushed
  • Finding a table when they’re busy

Honestly, I would highly recommend this place. Everyone we have brought has loved it just as much as us. Okay, I might go here twice a week…only if I don’t feel like anything at the Farmer’s Market!


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